Stabuilt Blocks

Wooden construction set, sold by ‘the Embossing’ company in Albany NY, around 1915~1917.


According eBay seller: “Building blocks in original, 11 1/2″ x 20″ x 2″ deep, strong, wooden box with lithographed cover.” If you do the math, a standard cubic building block would be around 1.5″.

The systems consists of blocks with holes and pegs, for connecting them. The pegs have some slits, so they interlock with the blocks. Apparently there are also 4 wheel, so beside the ship, it should be possible to create some cars too.

If you have scans/photo’s manual, please send a copy.

Library & LeoCAD

The library consists basically of: 1 peg, 5 types of blocks and 1 wheel.

Ship on front cover box: 70 blocks (w/o pegs)