Pulko Patent Baukasten

Pulko is a wooden construction set, patented by Erich Pulkowski.
It’s produced by Carl Josef Bollig, Lechenich in Germany, around 1919-1923.

More information: mobaco.nl/Pulko


DE319745, by Erich Pulkowski, prior art: March 1919.

Book: Erich Pulkowski Am 10. Dezember in Kiernozia: Kopfschuss, ©2019 Horst Pulkowski

This book describes the relation between Erich Pulkowski and the toy factory.

It’s nice to see, how the system in the patent evolves into the final product. For example, the final base plates have closed holes, which are not mentioned in the patent. Also the ‘Bauhaus style’ windows and doors, are changed to more easy to produce parts. Most characteristic parts, are the horizontal floor strips (nr.3 in the patent). They look very similar like the France L’Edifice version, which was patented just 2 years before. But both Pulko & L’Edifice did change the design for these parts completely.

Box cover, manual cover & buidling

There are different boxes:

  • Box 1: Addo
  • Box 1A: AdBal 
  • Box 2: Baldo

The ‘bridge parts’ on the manual cover, are not yet found and might be part of a Box 3.

Some system characteristics

Here a short list of some system characteristics and how it’s retrofitted into the virtual LeoCAD library:

Part types:Original:Virtual:
Base platesWood – spruce wood
15 [mm] thickness
Textured pieces
ColumnsWood – beech wood
Round ~11-12 [mm]
Textured pieces
All panel elementsWood – beech wood
3.5-4.0 [mm] thickness
Textured pieces
Bay size60 [mm](tbd)
Standard wall panel52.5 x 100 [mm](tbd)

Library information

Here you see an overview of parts in the library:

The single Pulko category, consists of these part types:

Part groups:Numer of parts:
Base plates2
Horizontal pannels7
Vertical strips & pannels16
Total parts:28

Playing with LeoCad

Well, I’m not able to play with this one. Mobaco seems to be a more successful copycat of this toy, which is fun to play with.