Multibois – Charton

Multibois, consists of couple of wooden elements, for building a houses. During building, plastic parts like doors & windows could be added too. There are some different building-theme’s sets available. These construction sets were created by the company Charton around 1972.

Although I like to focus more on older -none plastic- type of toys, this one is interesting, since it uses the same wooden construction principle like L’Edifice, so I just had to try this.

I could not find any documentation, besides some ebay advertizements, so if you know more, let me know.

Available boxes

Reference:Box name:Nr of parts:
7220Fort Laramie?
Boxes & content

Building instructions

The one pager leaflet comes with step-to-step building instruction of 1 type of farm and some pictures of alternative farm like buildings. You basically start with the interlocking foundations strips. Then adding pillars, small walls, doors & windows and gables. On top of that, an other layer of strips could be placed. Finally the roof could be places, where the wooden pieces are clamped inbetween a special plastic rod.


I’m only owning one box for now. But looking to the pictures, most parts seem to be generic, although color could be different. “Ofcourse” every building type has it’s onw special parts too.

Some system characteristics

Here a short list of some system characteristics and how it’s retrofitted into the virtual LeoCAD library:

Part types:Original:Virtual:
Crosssection: 6×20 [mm]
Single color pieces
PannelsWood & PlasticSingle color pieces
Bay size60 [mm]60 [mm]
LeoCAD settings:
Draw line every X studs3
Snap XY8 [mm] (1 Flat)
Snap Z1 [mm] (1/20 Stud)
Rotations45 [deg]

Library information

Here an overview of the parts library:

Multibois based on parts from the farm.

Building in LeoCAD

An other nice toy! Both building in real life and virtual is fun. I also like the mix of different matials used, all making use of the material strengths, while the plastic parts are not overwelming.