MiniBrix – Premo Rubber Company

“Minibrix sets were manufactured by the Premo Rubber company of Petersfield, Hants. Premo was a subsidiary of the I.T.S. Rubber Company, which Arnold Levy had founded in Sandringham Road, Petersfield in 1919.” … “The minibrix system is patented 1935, in the names of the Premo Rubber Company and Arnold Levy.” It is produced up to 1970s.

Informative website:
Virtual building:

First & last set produced, from 1935 till 1970s

Fred Smallbone and Malcolm Hanson created a very informative website, which is now hosted by Martin F. James. There is tons of information about this construction game. Martin also converted a full minibrix library into LDraw format and also provided a MLCad environement for digital building.

Boxes 2 & 3 (1953)

Bought this set, for getting a feel about these rubber bricks. These bricks have a nice combination of flexibility and still stable enough for building. Maybe the most remarkeble thing, is the bricks are mounted up side down, so with the pegs downwards.
There are tiny holes around the peg, where doors & window cards could be placed.

Some system characteristics

Here a short list of some system characteristics and how it’s retrofitted into the virtual LeoCAD library:

Part types:Original:Virtual:
Bricks (2×1)Rubber
1/2″x1″x3/8″ (w/o stud)
Thickness: 0.02″
Thickness: ~0.1″
Bay size1/2″n/a

If you want to virtual build with minibrix, download the library here:

Building in real life

See many more builds on