Construction toy, manufactured by Dutch company Moubal, between 1939~1941.

More information + manuals: mobaco.nl/Elba


Patent (NL49313C) was filed by Harmen Elsinga on 27 January 1939 and granted in September 1940.

Both boxes A & B

Image courtesy from Deventer Speelgoed museum

A colorful & minimalistic looking system, but certainly well thought out!

Reconstruction parts

I just had to reconstruct & try this one!
Wanted to know the game play, although that was a bit disappointing, I still like it somehow. I think the difficulty is, that when building, both walls and trusses needs to be very well aligned, which takes relative to much effort. This function should be split, or tolerances of the wall interfaces should be increased or self-aligning…

Yes! Finally my own box B.

I knew already, my DIY version was a little bigger, but today I got my own version of box B, which is ofcourse more fun.

Some system characteristics

Here a short list of some system characteristics and how it’s retrofitted into the virtual LeoCAD library:

Part types:Original:Virtual:
Thickness: 2.5 [mm]
Single color pieces
Thickness: 2.5 [mm]
Single color pieces
Typical wall panel55 x 85 [mm]scaled
Bay size57.5 [mm]60 [mm]
LeoCAD settings:
Draw line every X studs3
Snap XY8 [mm] (1 Flat)
Snap Z1 [mm] (1/20 Stud)
Rotations90 [deg]

Library information

Here an overview of the parts library:

The single Elba category, consists of these part types:

Part types:Numer of parts:
Total parts:16

Building in LeoCAD

Elba: rebuilding front cover building of box B

I like it, how the trusses interlock with each. These trusses also supports the floor panels and walls panels. Since the walls are not interlocking, the building easily tips over, so it’s not very ridged.