Edilizia Moderna

Edilizia Moderna was a system for construct buildings, using a base plate, wooden pillars and cardboard doors & walls. It was made in Italy by Cartoccino in Monza, most likely around 1929 till 1933.

Boxes & content series 1(?)

Boxes & content series 2(?)

Edilizia Moderna – Box 4 (also 5×8 base plate, private collection)

There seem to be 2 or 3 different series, each with varying box sizes. The higher the box number, the bigger the base plates. Base plates identified so far: 3×3, 3×4 or 5×8. Also panel textures differs and some are open and some closed.

Some system characteristics

Here a short list of some system characeristisc and how it’s retrofitted into the virtual LeoCAD library:

Part types:Original:Virtual:
Base plateCardboard
Thickness: 5.5 [mm]
Single color pieces
ColumnsWoodSingle color pieces
Thickness: 1.0 [mm]
Typical wall panel95 x 70 [mm]
Bay size~75 [mm]75 [mm]
LeoCAD settings:
Draw line every X studs3
Snap XY5 [mm] (1/4 Stud)
Snap Z1 [mm] (1/20 Stud)
Rotations90 [deg]


I had the opportunity to measure box No. 4.
Here an overview of the parts found & imported from box n0. 4:

The single category, consists of these unique parts:

Part types:Numer of parts:
Base plates1
Total parts:20

Building in LeoCAD

Random building

I like the floor system, it’s almost similar to Pulko. Here there are only rectangular strips with holes, holding the columns together. And placing rectangular floor plates in-between, a closed floor is created. Way more simple and needing the least amount of unique parts, while it’s still flexible for creating different floor layouts.