Wright Blocks – John Lloyd Wright

The Wright Blocks is an abstract building/construction toy. Invented by architect John Lloyd Wright and patentend in 1949. Sets are sold between 1950 till 1955.

Interesting article: savewright.org (#1)

Patent: Issued in April 1932

Both Wright Blocks patented in Great Britain & USA: GB402260A & US1894605A.

Finaly a glimps, of what John Lloyd Wright had in mind, for using these blocks… Still looking for building manual.

Box & content

There were 2 sets available, consisting of 36 and 70 parts. In the box you will find 8 different type of colored wooden interlocking blocks.

It would be very interesting what building intentions John Lloyd Wright had in mind. Please send me a copy of a manual.

Timber Toy

Image courtesy: wrightchat.savewright.org (#1)

According source 1: Probably some time in the mid-1950s, Wright developed a prototype for another toy construction block set, the “Timber Toy”. The set was including walls & floors. If you have any more information, please let me know!

Here mostlikely copy of these patents, issued inf 1935 & 1938:

(I have to say, some of those parts are very simular like the wooden Dometo building set.)

Furhter reading: “Barry Byrne and John Lloyd Wright: Architecture and Design” (Chicago Historical Society, 1982, pp 64-5)

Some system characteristics

Here a short list of some system characteristics and how it’s retrofitted into the virtual LeoCAD library:

Part types:Original:Virtual:
All partsWoodSingle color pieces
Bay size1.5 inch?30 [mm]
LeoCAD settings:
Draw line every X studs3
Snap XY1 [mm] (1/20 Stud)
Snap Z1 [mm] (1/20 Stud)
Rotations90 [deg]

Library information

Here an overview of the parts library:

This category, consists of these part types:

Part types:Numer of parts:
Half columns2
Total parts:8

Building in LeoCAD

Image courtesy: esotericsurvey.blogspot.com + LeoCAD model

Somehow very appealing construction/building toy. I like the colors and the shapes. I guess my kids would definately build with it, creating al kind of fantasy/abstract buildings and structures…