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Sets are organized by materials used.

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Card board

Set name:Period:Manufacturer:Status:
Bumpalow town1931…Milton Bradley Company, USADone
Elba1939~1941Moubal, Zeist, The NetherlandsDone
(L’Suine)1900s (?)?In progress…


Set name:Period:Manufacturer:Library:
(ADO – Trucks)1922-1962Ko Verzuu, Bilthoven & ADO, The NetherlandsTrucks: 2
(Batiss)1933-1955Louis Delval, Flines-lez-Râches, France
Berbis1940~1960E. Reuter BaukastenfabrikDone
Construction Rustiques
Construction Perfecta
Dometo1915~1927(?)The Irisch Toy Industry Limited, Belfast.
Edilizia1929Fabbrica Giocattoli MB, ItalyDone
Edilizia Moderna~1930sCartoccino in Monza, ItalyDone
(American building blocks)1940s~1970s?1) Halsam Products Company, Chicago.
2) Elgo Plastics Inc.
3) Playskool
L’Édifice1919~1953Maison Méricant, FranceIn progress…
Mobaco1924-1962Moubal, Zeist, The NetherlandsReleased v0.2
Perplex & Thuringia1904-1911Albert Liebehenz, GermanyDone
SIO – Sioliet1938..?..1984Speelgoed Industrie Overijssel, The NetherlandsDone
Stabuilt Blocks1915~1917The Embossing company, Albany NYDone
Villas & Cottages<~1950Garnier Cornil, FranceDone
Wright Blocks1950-1955John Lloyd Wright, USADone


Set name:Period:Manufacturer:Library:
Batima1923 ~ ??
1954 ~1958
1. Joseph Girlot, Brussels, Belgium
2. Nazaire Beeusaert, Belgium
(Bayko)1934-1967Charles Plimpton, Bakelite Ltd. and British Industrial Plastics Ltd, England
MiniBricks1935-1970sPremo Rubber Company, Petersfield, EnglandAvailable
Profilo1943~1949Duinker & Verruijt, The NetherlandsDone
Dometo>1927???The Improved Solidite Co Ltd, LondonIn progress…


Set name:Period:Manufacturer:Library:
Corus1924-??Batimetal, ParisDone
(Hausser)1917-1929GermanyIn progress…
(Wenebrik)1915-1930sWilliam Bailey, EnglandIn progress…


Set name:Period:Manufacturer:Library:
(Donald Architect)1960~1970Disney(?)Done
Multibois1970sCharton, FranceIn progress…
OKWA Zet-Z-op1960’s..OKWA, Waddinxveen, The NetherlandsDone
Villas>~1950Garnier Cornil, FranceDone

The library is filled with measured parts from boxes that I own or what I temporarily borrow from collectors. Unfortunately, it will almost never happen that all information becomes available. If you have more information about specific toy, please message me.

Incase of construction toys still produced, I’ll try to get my hands on the vintage boxes, which are not produced anymore.